During the academic year 20/21, the school will receive funding which will largely be spent on 1-1 or small group tuition for students at greatest risk of faltering in their academic progress and progression route beyond GCSE.

The school will receive a total of £129,840 by the end of the academic year.

The school has appointed tutors on temporary contracts to allow for 1-1 or small group tuition across core subjects. These contracts will remain in place until August 2021.

89% of the total sum has been committed to tutoring largely in English and Maths. This would not have been possible without the additional employment of five English and Maths tutors.

We are running a series of Saturday morning sessions focusing on English, Maths and Science to give students the opportunity to benefit further from small group tuition. These sessions are being run by existing members of staff who will receive a one-off payment to cover these sessions.

The lockdown in March 2020 highlighted the number of students who struggle to access resources online. On top of the support provided by the government (210 laptops), part of the grant has been used to purchase an additional 30 laptops so that any student forced to isolate at home can still access all the resources provided by the school.

In order to minimise the potential spread of the virus amongst students, we maintain bubbles across year groups. To ensure sufficient resources within each bubble, we have purchased additional textbooks so that resources can remain within the classroom and not be transported around the school.

Senior staff have been scrupulous in targeting the pupils whose well-being and learning have been most vulnerable to the current context.

Below is a summary of costs for each of the areas outlined above.



Internal Tutor Costs

 £    115,723.00


 £    10,440.00

Teaching resources

 £      3,840.00





 £  130,003