At Poole High School we believe that everything that we do in school should be centred upon the student and learning.

It is our duty to ensure that every student has the best possible opportunity to achieve his or her full potential in all that they do.
We also fully recognise and understand that the world in which students will live beyond their school years will be very different from today’s world. The speed of change in technology and society makes it impossible to guess what the future will be like and what will be needed to ensure success. We believe that it is one our responsibilities to provide students with the skills and attitudes that will enable them to deal successfully with challenges of this future. Our status as a Business and Enterprise Specialist College is central to this philosophy and ensures that, in addition, all students understand the economic and business contexts of their lives and the world in which they live.

We believe that if we are to enable all our students to achieve their full potential in all areas then school must be a secure, happy and well-ordered environment where learning activities are purposeful and rewarding.
We recognise that not all students have the same abilities in all areas but we aim to enable every pupil to achieve the very best he or she possibly can and we believe that an individuals’ success should be measured against their potential and not against the success of others.

We value equally the development of students academically, socially, culturally and in their sporting skills. We hope that when students leave us they have developed into well-rounded individuals who are fully equipped to contribute to society, both locally and globally, in a positive and thoughtful manner. We hope that they leave us with an appreciation of the value of ambition, honesty and co-operation and a respect for other people and their beliefs and cultures as well as an appreciation of their part in and potential impact upon the local and global environment.

As a Rights Respecting School all staff work very hard to ensure that the school environment is friendly, positive, supportive and welcoming. We all know that we learn best when we are having fun, so lessons are planned so that they are interesting, engaging and, most importantly, enjoyable. We work very hard to ensure that all adults provide positive role models for students’ behaviour and attitudes, and we expect all of our students to make the same effort to help others in their learning.