At Poole High School you will see a vibrant and thriving community, committed to the well-being and future prospects of the young people that we work for. We are a large school – this alone brings enormous benefits for our learning community, but we also pride ourselves upon the positive ethos and warmth of relationships in which our young people flourish. We have established a very successful pastoral system, which reflects the value we place upon each individual – it sustains our reputation as ‘a big school with a small school atmosphere’.

The foundations for our school are high expectations and supportive relationships. To that end, we work closely with parents to ensure that every student is supported and challenged. We pride ourselves on our dedicated team of teachers, our extensive campus with its vast range of extra-curricular opportunities and, most of all, on the success our students enjoy in their studies on a daily basis. We expect our pupils to work hard, to take pride in themselves, their achievements and their school and to achieve their personal best.

Our school is an over-subscribed non-denominational comprehensive serving the historic town of Poole. With over 75 years of service to the education of students from Poole, we are a learning community built around traditional values. Staff are absolutely determined that any child who attends Poole High School will have an excellent educational experience. We want our students to leave, having:

  • enjoyed the mutual respect and trust which are our hallmarks;
  • developed self-confidence and personal integrity;
  • made outstanding progress academically;
  • felt known and cared for as an individual;
  • experienced superb opportunities, nurtured personal ambition and developed a sense of service to others.

We are committed to educating ‘the whole child’, strategically focused upon the ever-changing learning landscape our young people are immersed in.

Governors, Support and Teaching Staff are passionately committed to working with the families of Poole to do the best for the young people you trust in our care each day. We thank you for this privilege and delight in not merely being at the heart of the town, but being so well placed to serve our whole community.

Mr P Gray