At Poole High School, students flourish. This is due to the quality of care, the expertise of our teachers and the consistency of our practices. Students actively participate in their learning; the pulse of enthusiastic engagement in learning is in every classroom, every day. Relationships are consistently respectful. Anything less is addressed.

Our school is a significantly over-subscribed, non-denominational comprehensive serving the historic town of Poole. With over seventy-five years of service to the education of students from Poole, we are a learning community built around traditional values. Not being an academy affords us the freedom to invest in the best teachers who have a teaching load that is the envy of many. We value our staff, as they set the tone for the learning experience for your children. We want our students to leave Poole High School, having:

  • enjoyed the mutual respect and trust which are our hallmarks;
  • developed self-confidence and personal integrity;
  • made outstanding progress academically;
  • felt known and cared for as individuals;
  • experienced superb opportunities, nurtured personal ambition and developed a sense of service to others.

The dynamism of our staff and their huge appetite to further refine their brilliant practice is at the heart of the ‘mini-transformations’ that happen every minute of each day in the minds of our young people. No one at Poole High mistakes ‘edutainment’ for our core business. Tough learning is made accessible because it’s pitched to our students in a way that stimulates their curiosity. Students feel ready for their next stage of learning because lessons are designed to build upon a confident foundation. Retrieval and ‘thinking hard’ tasks ensure pupils all get a similar ‘cerebral workout’ – no matter the subject that they are exploring. As students navigate different contours of the curriculum, their probing resilience, problem-solving and creativity are shaped and sharpened.

Governors, support and teaching staff are passionately committed to working with the families of Poole to do the best for the young people you trust in our care each day. We thank you for this privilege and delight in not merely being at the heart of the town, but being so well placed to serve our whole community.

Mr P Gray