Sociology is the study of human society and how we experience human life. It is a very popular subject at Poole High School with growing numbers each year. Sociology has a contemporary feel linking classic studies with what is happening in the world today. A Level Sociology complements most other A Levels including Psychology, Ethics, Health and Social Care, History, Media and Politics.

I haven’t done it at GCSE, does that matter?

No, most students haven’t studied it at GCSE, so don’t worry!

If you are interested in current affairs, inequality, how society affects our lives, inequalities in gender, age, class, ethnicity and sexuality, then Sociology will definitely interest you.

Departmental Courses

A Level Sociology

Sociology - Handbooks and Summer Tasks

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What will I study?

  • Education: The role and function of education; The achievement of social groups.
  • Research Methods: Data used within research and their strengths and limitations.
  • Families and Households: The changing and diverse nature of the family.
  • Mass media: The role of the media including the globalisation of the media and representations of different social groups.
  • Crime and Deviance: Globalisation and crime in contemporary society


The whole course is examined at the end of year 13 with 3 exams.

 What help and support will I get?

  • A range of ideas and resources to help you make notes and revise.
  • Study groups
  • Support and advice with independent learning and exam revision.
  • An engaging and welcoming classroom with dedicated sixth form study areas.
  • A range of interactive learning activities including an interactive props and dress up box.
  • Year 13 sixth form Sociology mentors.

Sociology students go on to a variety of different career paths including nursing, occupational therapy, criminology, childcare, media and social work.