The understanding of our political world is becoming increasingly important. The growing popularity of Politics as a subject is a testament to this. Students are able to engage in current world affairs and think critically about the impact these are having. As a subject, Politics enables students to develop the skills sought after by Russell Group University and employers.

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A Level Politics

Politics - Handbooks and Summer Tasks

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Year 12

Students will study UK Government and UK Politics. Government is the nuts and bolts of the system that enables students to understand the processes (or lack thereof) of the UK Government. It explores contemporary issues with Brexit, applying it to the rule of law and assessing what can and cannot be legally done. The position of the Prime Minister is questioned, as well as their power. UK Politics looks at the ideological splits in the UK, exploring the revival of left wing politics in the Labour Party and the Right wing emergence in the Conservatives. This year also includes a deeper look into well-known ideologies such as conservative, socialism and liberalism.

Year 13

In this year students will look at the US Government and Politics. Across the pond things vary greatly in the rules of government and the systems and processes that create powers. Students will look at how the US constitution allows for gridlock and shutdown of the US government on a daily basis, as well as how the president, Trump, is involved in each of the government branch. They will study the role of political parties in Americas increasingly divisive system and discuss the role of pressure groups such as the National Rifle Association.


At the end of the 2 years there are 3 exams:

1 on UK Politics + one of the core ideologies (conservative, liberalism and socialism)

1 on UK Government + chosen ideology (feminism)

1 on US Government and Politics

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Politics opens the doors to a great variety of careers, not all of which include working within government itself. If wanting to use Politics directly in the future students will find it useful if they wish to pursue a career in the civil service, local, regional and national government. Additionally, its critical thinking skills, focus on debate and current affairs makes it a complimentary subject to most future careers, particularly those which involve future decision making. Politics A level students have gone onto careers in journalism, accounting, banking, media, PR, recruitment, and teaching. It pairs well with History, English Literature and Ethics.