Enrichment at Poole High Sixth Form places great emphasis on developing the whole person. Enrichment activities are designed to increase academic achievement, improve social skills and confidence as well as supporting career aspirations by gaining valuable experiences.

The enrichment programme is first and foremost self directed to promote independent learning. Students opt to participate in an activity that is appropriate to them so they are motivated to complete it. Activities range from participating in the school sports teams to attending recreational sports clubs, student mentoring, Pottery, Irish Dancing, Foreign Film Club and volunteering in the local community. The activities for the majority take place during the school day but students are able to use their free time and weekends to participate in community based activities, to further develop their experiences, such as coaching at local sports clubs and teams.

Those volunteering are recommended to complete a V10 or a V50 award; an accolade achieved when a young person has volunteered for either 10 or 50 hours. Students currently volunteer as student mentors, at local schools, nursing homes, with KS3 sports teams and clubs such as homework, animal and science. Every hour completed is logged online on Poole High’s own personal Vinpsired page, moving them one step forward to receive this honour. We hope our sixth form students can draw on this award and experiences within future job and university applications to demonstrate their experiences, qualities and interests.

The extended learning programme runs alongside enrichment with both internal and external speakers running workshops and delivering presentations. It seeks to inspire, challenge and enhance students’ sixth form experiences by providing additional outlets to compliment academic study. Activities include Team Building, Challenge Day, charity events and Sports Day which proved to be very competitive last year. We have a number of speakers confirmed for this year including representatives from the National Citizenship Service, members of the Israeli debate team as well as members of the police force to educate about driving safety. Chris Matthewman from the School of Life is also reappearing to share his experiences of work and relationships which we are particularly looking forward to for his humour!
Students at Poole High Senior School receive a fantastic experience which facilitates them stepping into the wider work of university and work. Enrichment and Extended Learning places our students at the heart offering additional opportunities for them to achieve success and develop their knowledge in a specific subject area as well as gaining transferable life skills such as teamwork and leadership.