The governors of Poole High School are the strategic leaders of the school and have a vital role in making sure every child in the school gets the best possible education.

This is reflected in the law which states that the purpose of the school governing body is to ‘conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement’.
The governors have three core strategic functions

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

As a foundation school, we are our own admissions authority, employ the staff and own the land and buildings.

The governing body is made up of 18 members:

Name Type Start Date End Date Term of Office Appointed by
Dr Philip Ryland CO-OPTED 29/11/2018 28/11/2022 4-years Governing Body
Mr Jeff Hart (Chair) CO-OPTED 07/11/2017 06/11/2021 4-years Governing Body
Ms Joanne Oldale CO-OPTED 12/07/2017 11/07/2021 4-years Governing Body
Ms Marie-Claire Mowlam CO-OPTED 08/07/2019 07/07/2023 4-years Governing Body
Mr Paul Gray HEADTEACHER 01/09/2015   4-years HEADTEACHER
Mr Peter Woodroffe CO-OPTED 09/03/2019 08/03/2023 4-years Governing Body
Mr Ashley Rowlands CO-OPTED 01/09/2020 31/08/2024 4-years Governing Body
Mr Stewart Bullen CO-OPTED 19/09/2017 18/09/2021 4-years Governing Body
Ms Tracie Billington-Beardsley CO-OPTED 26/09/2018 25/09/2022 4-years Governing Body
Mr Reuben Hawkwood PARENT 09/11/2018 08/11/2022 4-years Parent Body
Robert William Edmund Gehrig Clark CO-OPTED 08/09/2021 07/09/2021 4-years Governing Body
Ms Louisa Way PARENT 10/10/2019 09/10/2023 4-years Parent Body
Mr Gareth Leaney STAFF 23/09/2021 22/09/2025 4-years Staff Body
Ms Helen Rivero PARTNERSHIP 09/02/2022 08/02/2026 4-year Governing Body
Mr Stephen Deutsch
PARTNERSHIP 09/02/2022 08/02/2026 4-year Governing Body

It meets together five times a year and is organised into a committee structure:

Strategy Committee

Jeff Hart, Ashley Rowlands, Peter Woodroffe, Paul Gray, Joanne Oldale, Tracie Billington-Beardsley, Reuben Hawkwood, Helen Rivero, Robert Clark, Sian Phillips (Invited)

Learning & Staffing Committee

Ashley Rowlands, Jeff Hart, Stewart Bullen, Marie-Claire Mowlam, Paul Gray, Joanne Oldale, Phillip Ryland, Peter Woodroffe, Reuben Hawkwood, Louisa Way, Stephen Deutsch, Gareth Leaney, Peter Woodroffe, Sian Phillips (Invited)

You can contact the governing body c/o Poole High School.;-

Governing Body - Documents

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