School Admission Appeals

Schools can only admit students until they reach their Admission Number. After this number they have to refuse any applications. However, parents have the right to appeal against such a decision to admit their child to the school.

This will require parents to complete an appeals pack for a school place. Poole High School Appeals forms must be returned to LLaw and Governance at BCP Council who administrate the appeals on our behalf. Their address is School Appeals Service, Democratic Services, BCP Council, Town Hall, Bourne Avenue, Bournemouth, BH2 6DY.

They will ensure that all parents and schools are given sufficient notice of the appeal (at least 10 days) and distribute both the school's and parents' cases to all parties. 

They will convene an independent appeals panel to hear the Appeal. The Appeals process is a two stage process. In Stage 1 the school representative makes the case for the school, explaining why the place was refused. The panel will then decide whether the school has provided sufficient evidence to justify refusing the place. If they decide the school has made a case the appeal proceeds to stage 2. If the school hasn’t made a case then the applicants are admitted to the school.

In stage 2 parents make a case for their child explain their reasons why the child should be allowed into the school, taking the numbers above the Admission number. On conclusion the panel will again deliberate and come to a decision whether to admit the child or uphold the refusal. The decision of the panel is binding on the school and Local Authority.

The Appeals panel will be independent of the School and Local Authority and will make individual judgements regarding the merits of each case. The decisions will be made at the end of the appeal and the outcomes will be communicated to parents and the school as soon as possible, but in any event a formal decision letter will be sent within 5 days of the end of the appeal.

For further information please contact the Admissions team (01202) 666988 or by email:


Appeals Forms

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