Year 7 Disco in Aid of Children in Need – Monday 14 November 2022

We are pleased to inform you that, as part of our Year 13 BTEC Business coursework, our Sixth Form students are organising a Disco for Year 7 students. The Disco will be held in the School Theatre on Monday 14 November 2022 at 4.30 - 6.30pm.

As part of their BTEC Business coursework, students need to: plan, run and manage an event. Not only will this event be going towards our student’s qualification, all the profits will go to the Children in Need Annual November Appeal. Staff will be present to supervise the event. Tickets cost £6.00, which includes entry, a refreshment at the door and one turn for the sweet lucky dip. The deadline for payment is Wednesday 2 November. Tickets will be issued to students during tutor time on Monday 7 November, which they must bring with them in order to gain entry to the disco.

Payment can be made via Wisepay, either through the school website or the Wisepay app, this is currently the only accepted method of payment. Once payment has been made, this is immediately credited to your account and your place is secured. If you have lost your login details or have any queries/problems please email:

Please make your payment first on Wisepay and then complete the google form to give your permission, using the following link: by Wednesday 2 November.

Students will have the opportunity to buy food and drink, therefore they are encouraged to bring some extra money with them; prices will be ranging from 50p-£2. Please arrive by 6.30pm to collect your child from the School Theatre to facilitate a prompt and safe departure at the end of the disco. Access to this event will be conditional on our usual high expectations which the vast majority of students demonstrate admirably.