Expressly Academic Testing

Apply now at

Applications for the Expressly Academic Test must be made by the 12:00 noon on 25th September 2020. No late applications can be accepted after this time. The test will be held towards the end of the month – date to be determined.  We are unsure of the date because of the Covid19 restrictions.

On the test day the school doors open at 8.45 am for students to register finishing at approximately 11.45 am.
You can apply to take the tests using the link above when it is made live.

The test is made up of three parts:

Part 1: Special Access Reasoning Test,
Part 2: English Test
Part 3: Mathematics Test.

Our Expressly Academic route is intended for students with high ability. As a general guide, if your child is regularly at or above age related expectations or has an NVR or CATS score of greater than 115 then it is appropriate. However, we acknowledge students develop at different rates and so will not deny anyone the opportunity to take the tests.

Student Information:

What am I expected to wear?
You do not need to wear school uniform, but please wear something you will be comfortable in. Being able to remove a layer if you get too hot is also advisable.

What shall I bring with me?
All papers and writing equipment will be provided. You may wish to bring a book to read during waiting time. Do not bring any electrical devices such as hand held games or mobile phones.

Where will I take the tests?
The tests will be held in the classrooms.

Will I get a break?
Of course! There will be a break min-morning. You may wish to bring a snack and a drink. However, we would urge you to make sure that you have been to the toilet before attending, so you are comfortable throughout your test.

Will I be sitting near my friends?
There will be a lot of students taking the test so you will not necessarily be sitting near your friends.25