PSHE is a comprehensive and varied subject delivered by mainly by Form Tutors but other parts are delivered by external specialists.

Sex and Relationship Education is optional but we anticipate that all students will take part, If you have any queries please contact the subject lead for PSHE, Mr J Preece. This is also the contact should you wish to withdraw your child(ren) from any Sex Education Lessons.

SRE Sessions

On the following dates RespectEd will be delivering SRE workshops to the relevant year groups:

  1. Friday 15th February – Year 9 – I wish
  2. Monday 25th February – Year 11 – The Big L
  3. Friday 1st March – Year 7 Above the i

For further information on each session please click on the section header below.

Year 7: Above the Influence

Above The Influence introduces the concept of choice and how choices made now can have long term consequences, especially in the area of relationships. It emphasises the importance of good friendships in developing healthy relationships. It explores some of the main influences on their choices and encourages them to think for themselves and rise above negative and damaging influences.

Year 9: I Wish

I Wish explores the reasons why teenagers decide to start having sex and looks at the possible consequences of making that choice. It aims to equip the students with clear, medically accurate and up to date information on how to keep themselves safe from the risks of teen sex and supports them in delaying sex until a long term committed relationship.

Year 11: The Big L

The Big L asks the question “What is Love?”. It explores the interconnection between sex, love and commitment by looking at the differences between Lust, Like and Love as possible foundations for a relationship. It also explores the area of consent and the possible effects that widespread exposure to
pornography is having on relationships. It aims to reconnect sex with love and commitment.