Welcome to the Maths Department.

We see our students all the way through, from year 7 all the way into year 13. Mathematics is a beautiful and useful subject and we at Poole High School, encouraging confidence and enjoyment. We cater for all abilities, and aim to equip all students with the skills to deal with problems in the real world. We want students to appreciate the beauty, patterns, skills, and usefulness of Mathematics.

Maths is a universal language, which helps to develop students’ numeracy, enables them to solve problems and encourages logical thinking.

Department at a glance

  • Miss S Birt
  • Miss T Copelin
  • Mr B Cornish
  • Mr E Cowler
  • Mrs H George
  • Mrs A Gutierrez
  • Ms L Hall
  • Mrs K Hodder
  • Miss N Keveth
  • Mrs R Loader
  • Mr J McRill
  • Mr N Miller
  • Miss I Parrett
  • Miss T Phelps
  • Miss N Pipe
  • Mr R Scipa
  • Mrs T Scott-Brown
Key Stage 3

GCSE foundation covers years 7 and 8. During these two years we consolidate and extend knowledge developed in primary/junior school, before moving on to prepare for GCSE study starting in year 9. The students study the key elements of Mathematics: Number, Algebra, Shape, Space, Measures and Handling Data. Teachers assess students after each topic, and plan ‘DIRT’ (Directed Improvement and Reflection Time’ – where students can improve and extend their knowledge. We have 2 formal assessments during years 7 and 8. Year 7 are also assessed on entry. Our accurate assessments mean that students are in the correct set to help them make the most progress – and allows staff to see topics that students need more support on.


As one of the core subjects, the study of Mathematics is studied by all students until the end of Year 11. The GCSE programme of study is designed to build upon the work done at GCSE Foundation. There will be 2 formal exams each year, over the three years. Students are actively encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and regular homework is set which is designed to reinforce and extend the work done in class.
We also offer Further Maths GCSE to those in our top sets who wish to be entered. This is an excellent qualification that helps bridge the gap to A level Mathematics.
Home Learning
Home work is often set on and, and students can log into these sites to practice their Maths at any time. Other favourite revision sites are, as well as
It is essential that all students have a scientific calculator, these can be bought through the school website via the wisepay link. Students must also have a protractor (to measure angles), a compass (to draw circles and arcs), and a ruler (for accurate measuring and scale drawings). Students who have not taken this extra GCSE may still apply for both Maths and Further Maths and will encouraged to do so!

Key Stage 5

Once students have their GCSE results, there are many options available to them to continue studying Mathematics in some capacity. We believe all students should keep studying Mathematics until they are 18 to keep enjoying their Mathematics, and to learn even more about the beautiful subject. Many qualifications that we offer are highly sought after by universities – and will set our students apart from others when applying for both jobs, and further education courses.
For those who have not achieved their pass at GCSE, there are additional Maths lesson put alongside your other options. In these lessons you will prepare of the Level 2 Functional Skills qualification in Maths. This looks at important ‘functional’ skills. There is a lot of ‘problem solving’ still in this qualification, but with less algebra. This is a level 2 qualification, just like GCSE Maths.

For those achieving a 5 or above – we offer the new Core Maths qualification. This course aims to develop Mathematics, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. This is sat alongside your usual 3 A levels, or BTEC qualifications.

For those achieving a grade 8, who have enjoyed the challenges of the higher Tier GCSE paper – we offer A level Maths.

We then also offer Further Mathematics for those students who enjoy the subject and want to delve even deeper into their Mathematics. For Further Maths we require a grade 9.

Please go to the sixth form area to find out more.

Key Stage 5

At Poole High School we enter many of the Maths Challenge events run by UKMT – and we even host the regional final of the Senior Maths Challenge.
The Maths Challenges offer fantastic opportunities for students to experience a different style of Maths. The problems are not always straightforward, and often have tricks or pitfalls for students to be aware of.
Each year we have a lot of success at junior, intermediate, and senior level. This year we entered over 100 students into the hugely popular Junior event which sees over 300,000 students taking part!