History & Sociology

Welcome to the History Department.

The History Department

  • Ms J Linighan
  • Mr J Mosley
  • Mr R Orman
  • Mr J Preece
  • Miss L Ryall
  • Mrs S Wingrove

History is a large and thriving department at Poole High, with five full-time specialist members of staff. We follow the national curriculum at KS3, and history is a very popular subject at GCSE, with 6 classes in both Years 10 and 11, and 7 classes in Year 9.

Poole High School follows a 3-year GCSE curriculum and we deliver the AQA course on America 1920-73, Conflict and Tension in Asia 1950-75, Elizabethan England c1568-1603, and Health and the People. We also follow AQA A level, covering the Tudors: England 1485-1603, France in Revolution 1774-1815, and NEA on Tsarist and Communist Russia. There are 5 history-specialist classrooms with interactive boards, access to computers, and a wide array of specialist resources. Our results for 2018 and ALPS grade 3 at A level and 63% 9-4 at GCSE.

We are very enthusiastic department who work collaboratively on curriculum delivery and coaching and we have staff that regularly participate and have delivered innovative ideas at TeachMeet events. The department ran a highly successful trip to the World War I Battlefields to commemorate the centenary of the end of the war in the summer of 2018. We provide many training support opportunities, both within school INSET time, as well as during department meetings. Staff act as mentors to support trainee teachers on placement through the Wessex Schools Training Partnership.