Welcome to the Geography Department

Welcome to the Geography Department at Poole High School. The world we live in is breath-taking; full of beautiful, complex and ever changing landscapes.

Geography allows us to gain an overview of how humans interact with these physical environments; influencing our everyday life, whether it is the clothes we wear, food we eat or where we go on holiday. We hope to inspire in our pupils a fascination for their world and to prepare them for their important responsibilities as global citizens.

The Geography Department

  • Miss H Ashman
  • Miss H Gmitrowicz
  • Mr A Hoyland
  • Mr B Jackson
  • Mrs H Laidler
  • Miss C Whittaker
Key Stage 3

Our diverse modules at Key Stage 3 inspire in pupils a curiosity and enthrallment in our world and the people who are changing it every day. As pupils progress, their understanding of the interactions between the Earth’s physical and human processes deepen. Modules studied have a relevance to issues that pupils come across in their everyday life such as fashion, the food they eat and their local coastline. Pupils are assessed at the end of each module through a range of different tasks.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Geography (AQA)

Why study GCSE Geography?
Geography is everywhere! If you have an interest in the world around you and are fascinated about the processes that shape the environment and people’s lives, then this is the course for you. The course covers both human and physical geography so there is something in there for everyone; whether it is looking at the impact of the current refugee crisis or how we can manage the extreme weather that is becoming more frequent.

Geography is an academic subject which gives you a broad range of knowledge, understanding and skills. It builds core employability skills such as research, discussion and problem solving.

Topics include:
Physical landscapes of the UK.
The living world.
Resource management.
Urban issues and challenges.
The challenges of natural hazards.
Changing economic world.

Key Stage 5

We study the contemporary Edexcel specification at A Level which focuses on developing pupils’ independent learning skills. The course includes modules such as World at Risk, Crowded Coasts, The Technological Fix and Rebranding Places, and is assessed through four examinations. These test a range of skills including data response, investigation and evaluation through essays and reports. The course includes several fieldwork trips.