English & Media Studies

Welcome to the English Department at Poole High School.

Welcome to English. We believe English enables all students to develop their communication skills, critical thinking and imagination through the subject’s three strands: Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing.

We share a positive view of what students can achieve and we are responsible for providing a supportive but challenging learning environment. We believe students learn best through enjoyment, enthusiasm and excitement; and that all students should have their opinions and contributions heard and respected.

We aim to enable every student to achieve their full potential. Success arises from a desire to achieve combined with a positive work ethic. Consistent effort as well as high attainment should be celebrated.

We believe Reading is the key to all learning. Reading, particularly of literature, offers students the opportunity to develop empathy, wisdom and cultural understanding.

Department at a glance

  • Mrs L Ahern
  • Ms E Beale
  • Miss M Bower
  • Mrs K Cahill
  • Mr W Clarke
  • Mr C Davidson
  • Mrs S Eden-Ellis
  • Mrs L Good
  • Mr E Hagger
  • Miss E Harriskine
  • Miss L Hirst
  • Miss H Liddle
  • Mrs K Moloney
  • Mr M Moore
  • Mrs M Mowlam
  • Mrs N O’Sullivan
  • Miss H Preedy
  • Miss M Pulley
  • Mrs V Stillman
  • GCSE Literature Texts
  • Key Stage 3

    We cover all aspects of the National Curriculum during Years 7 and 8. Each Unit includes a formal assessment in Reading or Writing. Our teaching includes a consistent focus on accuracy in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. In addition, students sit a formal internal exam in the spring of each year. At the end of Year 8, formal assessment and examination grades are combined to create an overall grade which is the basis for our Year 9 teaching sets.

    Year 7: Modern Novel / Classic Play / Introduction to Shakespeare / Developing Writing: Type, Audience & Purpose / Poetry Through the Ages / Myths and Legends.

    Year 8: Shakespeare Play / Genre Study / Poetry from Different Cultures / Reading & Writing Non-Fiction / Modern Play.


    We now run a three-year GCSE course and all students take two GCSEs: AQA English Language & AQA English Literature. Final assessment is by terminal examination. Students are assessed via a specimen exam question at the end of each Unit, in addition to mock exams in Year 10 and Year 11.

    GCSE English Language

    • Aspects of Narrative & Non-Exam Novel
    • Non-Fiction Text Types
    • Paper 1 – Creative Reading & Writing: Literature Fiction Texts / Descriptive & Narrative Writing
    • Paper 2 – Writers’ Viewpoints: Non-Fiction Texts / Writing to Present a Viewpoint
    • Spoken Language Presentation

    GCSE English Literature

    • Aspects of Context & Non-Exam Play
    • Aspects of Poetry
    • Paper 1 – Shakespeare / 19th Century Novel
    • Paper 2 – Modern Text: Play / Novel & Poetry: Unseen Poem / Love and Relationships

    In addition, we offer GCSE Eduqas Media Studies as an option choice.

    A Level

    We currently offer three courses at A Level to enable students to focus on particular areas of study they find appealing. Our courses equip these students with the necessary skills for university study or future employment, and, perhaps more importantly, enable young people to become creative, critical and considerate thinkers.
    English Literature Year 13 only (Edexcel): Poetry and Drama; Prose; Making Connections.
    English Language & Literature (AQA): Views and Voices / People and Places; Exploring Conflict / Making Connections.

    Media Studies Year 12 (Eduqas): Advertising, Newspapers, Video Games, Music Video, Film Marketing, Radio and Production Task.
    Media Studies Year 13 (OCR): Critical Perspectives (Collective Identity) / Advanced Portfolio in Media (A2).