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Welcome to the Department of Design & Technology at Poole High School. Within Design and Technology pupils can explore the different and diverse subjects, gaining confidence by developing their practical skills as well as their theoretical understanding.

As part of their learning pupils develop their problem solving skills, creative thinking abilities as well as their ability to work both on their own and as part of a group; in order to produce a final practical outcome.

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Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 pupils study all areas of design, giving them a breadth of knowledge of each subject discipline.

  • Food: Where pupils learn to work with ingredients and gain understanding of nutrition and healthy eating.
    Product Design: Where pupils work with a range of tools and materials to produce a functional practical artefact, and also develop Computer Aided Design skills.
  • Systems and Control: Where pupils learn about electronics, electronic components and control systems as well as computer aided design. They combine this knowledge to produce a final working prototype.
  • Graphics: Where pupils learn to communicate their ideas and thoughts through production of various design drawings.
  • Textiles: Pupils gain an understanding of different compliant materials and begin by learning basic sewing and construction skills relating to fashion and garment manufacture. They then put these skills to use when designing and making a furnished product.
Key Stage 4

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition (AQA)

Why study GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition?
This new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition is an exciting and creative course which focuses on practical cooking skills to ensure students develop a thorough understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of food materials.

Studying the GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition course at Poole High School will get you working with different ingredients and learning basic and high level food preparation skills such as pastry making, meat handling and presentation techniques and to give a strong understanding of nutrition. You will learn how to prepare food hygienically and safely and have the opportunity to take your CIEH Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate in Catering.

Food Preparation and Nutrition is a practical and theory based subject where you will learn about the principles of nutrition and food hygiene which will inform your practical based work. You will learn the functional and chemical properties of ingredients and why ingredients are added to certain products. You will also investigate what affects consumer choice when buying and preparing food and different cuisines from around the world.

Topics include:
Food, nutrition and health, Food science, Food safety, Food choice, Food provenance.

GCSE Design Technology: Product Design (AQA)

Why study this subject?
The UK needs Designers, Architects, Engineers and Design professionals. The UK design industry is the fastest growing employer in the country, worth an estimated £3.5 billion and due to its specialist nature; wages are amongst some of the highest. Today, three of every five products introduced to the market are designed by British designers. However, more people are retiring from the industry than are being recruited. This means more jobs for the next generation of designer.

Product Design is a subject based on a mixed curriculum of theory work and practical work, with the main focus being on the designing of innovative products for the modern market. You will become trained in all aspects of design, and in year 11 can decide on what you would like to specialise in.

Product Design will prepare you to progress from GCSE into various higher level courses including A-Level Product Design, Games Design, Engineering, Graphic Design and Architecture.

Topics include:
Graphic Design, Electronics, Commercial / Industrial Design, Design skills.

GCSE Design Technology: Resistant Materials (AQA)

Why study GCSE Resistant Materials?
Studying the GCSE Resistant Materials at Poole High will involve working within a practical environment creating products using traditional and modern manufacturing methods. You will undertake various practical design tasks where you will be able to take your ideas right through from the design stage to manufacturing them yourself.

Resistant Materials is a subject based on a mixed curriculum of theory work and practical work. You will look into the material properties of woods, metal and plastics and then apply them to your practical work.

Resistant Materials will prepare you to progress from GCSE into various higher level courses including A-Level Product Design and more vocational courses such as Joinery and Carpentry.

Topics include:
Materials, Manufacturing methods, Design skills, Presentation Drawing.

GCSE Design Technology: Textiles (AQA)

Why study GCSE Textiles?

Studying the GCSE Textiles Technology course at Poole High School will get you working with fabrics and designing creative projects.

Textiles technology looks at various elements of the Fashion and Textiles industry, through the whole lifecycle of a textiles product. It will teach you creative problem solving and help develop your designing skills.

Topics include:
Construction skills, Decorative techniques, Fibres and fabrics, Industrial practice, The environment,