Art & Design

Welcome to the Art Department at Poole High School.

Department Staff

  • Mr P Mathlin
  • Mr A Pawley
  • Mrs L Field
  • Mrs M Bennett
  • Mrs J Wells
  • Mrs D Hitchens
  • Miss E Douglas

We believe that all pupils are able to enhance and enrich their understanding of themselves and their world through the creation and appreciation of the visual arts, crafts and design.

We aim to provide our students with the skills, inspiration and creativity that they will need to develop as artists, and we hope to engender a love of art that they will take with them into their adult lives.
You can see evidence of the quality of work and talent we foster in the galleries below, and find out more about the department lower down.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we aim to provide a series of stimulating projects which provide our students with opportunities to explore new materials and techniques, whilst developing knowledge and understanding. In Year 7 they build the foundation skills in the formal elements of line, tone, colour, shape, texture and form.

There is an emphasis on developing a range of drawing techniques that underpin visual communication. In Year 8 students increase their 3D skills through Pop Art, sculpture and environmental art units. They also develop animation techniques in a unit that features stop motion and ‘claymation’. Year 9 students complete a project entitled ‘Life Events’ which explores how artists can tell stories, express emotions and document the things that happen in the world around them.

This unit leads to printing, illustrative and mixed media outcomes. The final unit allows students to diversify their sculptural skills and eventually leads to collaborative 3D outcomes which are based upon a given theme.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Art and Design (AQA)

Why study GCSE Art and Design?

Studying the GCSE Art and Design course at Poole High School will provide you with an opportunity to develop your 2D skills such as drawing, painting and printmaking as well as 3D skills including sculpture and ceramics. You will also learn how to develop your ICT skills to create and manipulate digital imagery using computer software.

The course will allow you to learn how to develop and refine your creative ideas through the use of first-hand observations, experiments with media and processes and by learning about the work of other artists and craftspeople.

Topics include:

A coursework unit based upon observations of the world around us and leading to a personal and unique final outcome,
A coursework unit that is based upon a world culture that is strongly associated with an area of art, craft or design.


Portfolio of coursework (60% of overall grade),
Externally Set assignment- a 10 hour practical exam (40% of overall grade).

AQA Information
Key Stage 5

At ‘A level’ we offer the popular EDEXCEL ‘A level’ Fine Art course. On this course students are able to deepen their knowledge of Art and are encouraged to develop a personal and creative approach to the subject. In Year 12, students are given a themed brief and use their investigative, research and observational skills to produce an informed response. Our students are encouraged to extend their skills by working across a range of different media. The coursework produced for the thematic brief is worth 60% of the overall AS grade. The remaining 40% comes from a controlled assessment unit in which students are given 2 months to prepare for an 8 hour practical art exam.

In Year 13, students take the A2 Fine Art course, which allows them to choose an area of Art practice that they would like to investigate and requires them to construct their own practical project in that area. It is expected that the skills, knowledge and understanding that have been developed during the AS course will be applied in more depth at A2. As in AS Art, the coursework is worth 60% of the grade and the remaining 40% comes from the completion of a controlled assessment unit, which culminates in a 12 hour exam.

As a further option at AS and A2 we also run the highly popular EDEXCEL Photography A level. This course allows students to explore a range of photography techniques that includes darkroom skills, the use of conventional and digital cameras as well as image enhancement and digital manipulation, through software such as Adobe Photoshop. The formats of the AS and A2 Photography courses are very similar to those of Fine Art. To find out more about the Fine Art and Photography specifications please clink on the link below: