Introduction from the Headteacher

Sixth Form: Introduction from the Headteacher

‘Poole High School Sixth Form will provide you with a quality learning experience, enabling your success both academically and personally. Our students’ achievements enable our Sixth Formers to confidently progress to the best universities nationally – 100% of aspirant undergraduates achieved their places. Our close business and enterprise links have supported students to secure highly competitive apprenticeship places too.

Our wide offer of courses include: traditional A-Levels, ‘Applied’ A-Levels and vocational courses.This places us in an unparalleled position. Our facilities are second to none, and our student body responds with maturity and independence, in an environment which is ideal for young adults to thrive – friendly, caring and ambitious.

We begin by getting to know each student as an individual, taking time to find out about your strengths and career aspirations. Unlike other alternatives, we employ quality subject specialists who will give you the guidance you need to succeed here and beyond. If you want the perfect balance of hard-working subject experts who can help you to manage the transition from GCSE; a learning community whose priority is progression to the next stage; a professional body which has a track record of success, then there is only one choice.

Joining Poole High School Sixth Form will be a fresh opportunity to become part of a team that will be memorable – supportive and friendly, but also challenging; enabling you to build your resilience and personal organisation.

Ultimately we have a simple agenda – to enable you to be happy, to build upon your strengths and to ‘future-proof’ your success. If you have the ambition, you are prepared to challenge yourself and to develop an even sharper work ethic, then this is the Sixth Form where you will be best placed. Our vision is that you will be valued, inspired and empowered. We look forward to translating our words into your experience.