Enrichment and Extended Learning

Sixth Form: Enrichment and Extended Learning

At Poole High we believe that we are not only here to provide excellent teaching and learning within their academic studies but we also have a duty to prepare our students for life outside of education which is where our enrichment programme pays a big part.

In year 12 students will have 2 hours per fortnight of enrichment on their timetable. During these lessons students will be learning about a number of different skills they may need later in life, this includes: financial awareness including; how a payslip works, tax and how to choose the best savings/ mortgage product, learning to cook some basic recipes, understanding basic car maintenance, first aid and how to communicate in sign language and being creative in music sessions. We also believe having a healthy mind and body is also important so students will have PE and mindfulness sessions as well.

    Enrichment works on a carousel basis where students will complete an activity for four weeks and move onto the next in order that all students can benefit from the majority of the activities available during the academic year.
    As well as our fortnightly sessions we also run two off timetable days one focusing on forgiveness and the other on road safety which are again skills they will need for the future. We also run a charity event every year with previous years being adopting a guide dog and the Wave 105 Children’s Christmas appeal.

      In Year 13 we expect students to continue with enriching their life by getting involved in the local community in some way be this by doing charity work, helping the whole school community or acting as a buddy for the lower school. Also in year 13 students can apply to be part of our student leadership team who help and bring ideas on how we can make our sixth form even better!

        Extended Learning
        All of our sixth form students will have one hour a fortnight where they attend “lecture” style sessions with a specific focus facilitating our PSHCE and Careers Education delivery.

          Each session is run by an outside body including local employers. Sessions include: Masterclasses from local employers educating students on the different skills employers are looking for, for example; how to brand yourself correctly, how to be successful at interview and assessment centres, how to effectively network and communicate with people, Sexual Health, Mindfulness, LGBT+ and Gender identity, Amnesty international, local victim support and we also have a holocaust survivor come in to talk about his experience.