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BTEC Sport combines academic study and practical sports sessions to provide the core knowledge and study skills to progress to higher education or employment. There are three levels, BTEC Extended Certificate, BTEC National Diploma and BTEC National Extended Diploma which are equivalent to 1, 2 or 3 A Levels respectively.

The BTEC Course is made up of a series of units. The Certifcate has 4 units over 2 years (9 lessons per cycle), the Diploma has 9 units over 2 years (19 lessons per cycle) and the Extended Diploma has 14 units over 2 years (27 lessons per cycle):

BTEC Extended Certificate in Sport BTEC National Diploma in Sport BTEC National Extended Diploma in Sport
as the Extended Certificate plus: as the Nationa Diploma plus:
Unit 1: Anatomy and Physiology
Unit 2:Fitness Training and Programming
Unit 3: Professional Development in the Sports Industry
Unit 7 :Practical Sports Performance
Unit 4: Sport Leadership
Unit 8: Coaching for Performance
Unit 10: Sports Event Organisation
Unit 22: Investigating Business in Sport and the Active Leisure Industry
Unit 23:Skill Acquisition in Sport
Unit 5: Application of Fitness Testing
Unit 6: Sports Psychology
Unit 9: Research Methods in Sport
Unit 19: Development and Provision of Sport and Activity
Unit 25: Rules, Regulations and Officiating in Sport

    Why should I study BTEC Sport?

    • Develop understanding of Sport Industry: Take a look into different industries in sport, the different career and development pathways and associated job opportunities.
    • Develop fitness and sports performance:: You will be given the opportunity to develop and interpret own and others’ fitness levels and improve practical sports performance using video analysis.
    • Sports leadership opportunities: Where you will go out into the local community, as well as in KS3 PE lessons and teach children new sporting skills and techniques.