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A-level Further Maths goes far deeper into the study of Mathematics. This is a course for those who love the subject, and want to explore some of Mathematics’ more complicated patterns and problems. Those taking Further Maths will also need to take A-level Mathematics. Further Mathematicians at Poole High School are given lots of support in a small class setting.

Whilst this course is a challenge, the large Maths department at Poole High School is more than prepared to support our students. We offer a substantial 11 hours of lessons per fortnight, with teachers offering help outside of lessons as well. There is a wealth of experience in the department, with different teachers specialising in Mechanics, Statistics, Algorithms, and Pure Maths. We have lots of teachers who are passionate and excited to work with you!

Further Maths is possibly the hardest A level available in the country! But with great challenge comes great reward. On the Further Maths course, we discover Complex Numbers – extending our number system to allow us to solve equations previously thought impossible! Further Maths should be studied by anyone with a love for Maths – regardless of future plans. If you are a budding artist, football star, or anything in between and also have a fascination with Maths – Further Maths can still be for you! Further Maths covers some truly beautiful Maths, and helps to answer questions you never knew needed asking.
You will also cover matrices, vectors, proof, and many more beautiful topics. Due to the difficulty of the course, we specify that applicants must obtain a grade 9 at GCSE to study Further Maths A Level.

Assessment Method
Due to the special nature of the Further Maths course. We do offer students the opportunity to sit AS exams for Further Maths at the end of year 12. Further Maths is allowed to be taken as a 4th option, and then students are encouraged to focus on 3 A levels by year 13. The exams in Further Maths helps students make a decision whether to carry on Further Maths, or to ‘cash in’ their AS grade.
There are 3 AS exams, with the OCR(MEI) exam board: Core Pure (AS), Modelling with Algorithms, and Mechanics Minor.
At the end of year 13 there will be 4 exams: Core Pure, Modelling with Algorithms, Mechanics Minor, and Statistics Minor.

Future Opportunities and Careers
This A level is highly regarded by universities – and it is not uncommon for offers for course places to be lowered if they include Further Maths A level. Those students wishing to pursue studies in Maths, Physics, Engineering, or Computer Science will often benefit in their first year at university – as Further Maths covers much content that is used at undergraduate level.