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For those achieving a 5 or above - we offer the new Core Maths class. This has grown massively and is now one of the most popular 6th form choices. Core Maths is taken alongside 3 full A levels or BTEC equivalent, and is worth up to 20 UCAS points.

There has been huge demand from both employers and Further Education institutions for students to continue to study Maths post-16, to ensure they have the skills needed to access further education tasks in the workplace.
Universities and employers have spent years asking for a course like this. Core Maths develops real-world problem-solving skills, using Maths. Looking at finance, business, and getting students to use real-life data. The course encourages problem solving, and deep understanding of the problems – before using common sense and highly skilled Mathematics to work through to a solution. This course is ideal for anyone going on to study biology, psychology, sociology, geography, and many more subjects with subtler Maths elements that analyse studies.

Assessment Method
Core Maths currently runs over just 1 year and exams are sat at the end of year 12. There are 2 exam papers to sit.

Future Opportunities and Careers
Core Maths supports all sorts of A-levels: Social sciences (Geography, psychology, sociology, etc), the natural sciences (chemistry, biology, physics), and many other subjects including business studies.