Welcome to the ICT Department

ICT is a creative and business focused subject. It’s about analysing and using existing systems to create new ones that really work.

Studying ICT gives you the skills you need to succeed in the modern workplace and gives you the opportunity to learn how modern communication systems work.

ICT is one of those great subjects that lets you maximise on your own strengths. If you turn out to have a really technical interest in ICT, you could work for a bank or corporation helping to design systems which transfer information from a database to a terminal. But if you’re more interested in the user interface, you could work in advertising or for a mobile phone manufacturer. Information is everywhere, so ICT is a sound career move.

Content covered includes systems development, emerging technologies, health and safety, spreadsheet and database design, plus much more.

The course is particularly suited to students with logical and creative minds. However, a keen interest in ICT outside the classroom and a strong work ethic are also very important.


The Art Department

  • AQA A-Level ICT
  • BCS ECDL Level 3