The History Department

A-Level History

Want to understand the world you live in and the role and impact of change over time? A-level History will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the past through political, social, economic and cultural perspectives.

The engaging topics will provide you with the knowledge and skills to formulate opinions, challenge ideas and think most importantly, think critically. As a subject, History enables students to develop the skills sought after by Russell Group University and employers.

France in Revolution – looking at the reasons for, and events of the Revolution of 1789. You will also look at the rise of republicanism and its impact on the government and people.
Tudors in England – the focus will be on the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII. Questions will include: How did Henry VIII consolidate his power as the first Tudor monarch? To what extend did Henry Tudor oversee a revolution in government?

France in Revolution – students will examine the end of the Terror, Napoleonic France and his military leadership, and the collapse of the Napoleonic Empire.
Tudors in England – the focus will be on the reigns of Edward, Mary and Elizabeth. Questions will include: Does Mary deserve the title ‘Bloody Mary’? How far was Elizabethan England truly a Golden Age?

Assessment Method
There are two exams, each 2 hour 30 min:

  • Component 1 – The Tudors in England, 1485-1603
  • Component 2 – France in Revolution, 1774-1815

There is a further non-examined assessment (NEA) of 3000-3500 words to be submitted (this will be on Russia 1854 – 1964).

Future Opportunities and Careers
History will develop your ability to think objectively and approach problems and new situations with an open mind. You will have appreciation of the different factors that influence the activities of groups and individuals in society. Previous PHS history students have gone on to study at Bristol, Exeter, Nottingham, Southampton, and Winchester. Typically people with history qualifications have gone on to employment in accountancy, banking, law, management consultants, publishing companies, television and radio broadcasting, retailing and teaching.