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AQA A-Level Language and Literature AQA A-Level Literature

We teach two English A Levels at Poole High School: English Literature and a combined English Language & Literature course, both of which are regarded as facilitating subjects at Russell Group Universities. Both courses encourage students to read a range of texts and to get to grips with a variety of linguistic and literary critical theories. Independent study and research is the key and a good attitude and determination to do well will help support students through some challenging subject matter.

Year 1
The main focus for the first year will be on skills acquisition as students become familiar with applying the linguistic theory of Stylistics to a range of texts. Texts are grouped on a theme of Telling Stories and students will focus on three main areas of study: a collection of non-fiction texts focussing on Remembered Places around the theme of Paris; a short anthology of poetry from a selected poet exploring aspects of Poetic Voices; and a literary prose text which explores aspects of Imagined Worlds.

Year 2
Students will extend their knowledge of and ability to apply Stylistics theory to a further literary prose text and a play through their study of a component entitled Exploring Conflict. They will also need to research their own chosen linguistic and literary theories as part of their own extended coursework project: Making Connections.

Assessment Method
There are two exams: one of 3 hours, testing the texts studied in Year 1; one of 2h 15 mins, testing the remaining two texts.

Future Opportunities and Careers
English is a highly regarded subject and opens up a variety of careers including: journalism, marketing, public relations, human resources and teaching. It pairs well with a variety of other subjects from all disciplines.