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The Business Studies Department

A-Level Business Studies Business Studies (BTEC)

Business is a very popular subject at Poole High School and the overall outcomes our students achieve have resulted in excellent university places as well as popular apprenticeships at companies including JP Morgan and Price Waterhouse Cooper. Business allows students to develop a broad understanding of business organisations and provides you with the knowledge of the key business functional areas including; marketing, accounting, finance, human resources and operations management.

We offer both academic and vocational courses within of key stage 5 provision with the opportunity to specialise in a business pathway through our Extended Diploma BTEC qualification. In all our pathways our courses involve; discussions, individual work, note-taking and independent research. Success in all of our courses depends on the amount of work you put into it as well as ability and a high degree of self-motivation.

Studying our A-Level Business course will ensure students study a variety of businesses in a variety of contexts through a clear and coherent structure of four engaging and up-to-date themes. Students are introduced to core business concepts and develop a broad understanding of how businesses work before they consider the decision-making tools that help businesses move towards a more scientific approach to management. Some of the key issues students will understand are:

  • Helping to develop a holistic understanding of business
  • Providing a real business focus
  • Reflecting on today’s global world
  • Developing transferable skills for progression to higher education
  • Supporting progression from KS4 study

A Level Business complements most other A-Levels however we would recommend that students will have a minimum of a ‘5’ in Maths and English and be able to draw information and data out of case study.
Topics include:

  • Marketing and People
  • Managing Business Activities
  • Business Decision and Strategy
  • Global Business

Year 1
We focus on the theory base areas of the specification in order for you to develop the correct exam technique for each of type of exam questions. Topics include; marketing, human resource management, recruitment and selection, distribution, ethics and culture.
Year 2
Students will develop their knowledge further by investigating the global business world as well as all the financial information and calculations required to make effective business decisions.

Assessment Method
There are three exams, each 2 hours long. Paper 1 relates to theme 1 and 4, Paper 2 relates to theme 2 and 3 and Paper 3 is based on a pre-release research task and could be from any of the learning themes.
Future Opportunities And Careers
Business is a qualification which can help you access many doors be that through a university degree or an apprenticeship. People who study business generally go into career such as; marketing, accountancy, banking and/or finance, human resources, promotion and if you are considering starting your own business in the future.