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Welcome to the Business Department at Poole High School. Students studying towards a business qualification learn the key skills and understanding that are essential in the modern economy, and our aim is to help all our students to achieve the very best they can.

We bring business into the classroom through up to date examples, GURU speakers and links from our extensive business partners. It is our mission to develop skills such as literacy, numeracy, presentation and interview skills, as well as a good knowledge of how a business works, whether that be a small business or a global multinational. With our wide range of courses on offer we strive to ensure students are studying the right course for them, whether it be a traditional academic course or a more vocational course.

GCSE Business Studies (EDEXCEL)

Why study GCSE Business Studies?

It is unlikely that you will have studied business before but you might have an interest in business, and want to start your own business one day. You may have an enquiring mind and be interested in learning about the world around you, how businesses are set up, and what it is that makes someone a great entrepreneur. You may have really enjoyed your Enterprise experiences in Years 7 and 8.

The course is both active and enjoyable. You need to be good at communicating and explaining your ideas, and not afraid of learning new things and working with numbers to solve business problems. You will learn how to be a creative thinker and how to make decisions. What’s more, you will also learn about the world of business through research and investigation, as well as through practical tasks.

Topics include:

The world of small businesses and what makes someone a successful business person,
How to develop an idea and spot an opportunity,
Understanding how to make a business effective and manage money well,
Seeing how the world around us affects small businesses,
How small businesses are developed,
How businesses promote themselves and keep their customers happy,
How businesses manage both their finances and the people who work for them.

VCERT Business & Enterprise (Vocational)

Why study VCERT Business & Enterprise?

This qualification is designed for learners who want an introduction to business and enterprise that includes a vocational and hands-on element. It has been developed to enthuse and inspire learners about a career in business and enterprise. This qualification aims to:
develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of business and enterprise
develop a significant knowledge core which spans the vocational sector
provide academic and study skills that will support progression within business and enterprise and more broadly.

The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to:
add breadth to their knowledge and understanding of the sector as part of their career progression and development plans
progress to a level 3 qualification, an apprenticeship or set up their own enterprise.

Topics include:

Introduction to Business and Enterprise,
Marketing for Business and Enterprise,
Finance for Business and Enterprise,
Plan, develop and participate in a business or enterprise project.

A Level Business Studies

Studying our A-Level Business course will ensure students study a variety of businesses in a variety of contexts through a clear and coherent structure of four engaging and up-to-date themes. Students are introduced to core business concepts and develop a broad understanding of how businesses work before they consider the decision-making tools that help businesses move towards a more scientific approach to management. Some of the key issues students will understand are:

  • Helping to develop a holistic understanding of business
  • Providing a real business focus
  • Reflecting on today’s global world
  • Developing transferable skills for progression to higher education
  • Supporting progression from KS4 study

A Level Business complements most other A-Levels however we would recommend that students will have a minimum of a ‘5’ in Maths and English and be able to draw information and data out of case study.

  • Topics include:
    Marketing and People
    Managing Business Activities
    Business Decision and Strategy
    Global Business

Year 12

We focus on the theory base areas of the specification in order for you to develop the correct exam technique for each of type of exam questions. Topics include; Marketing, Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Selection, Distribution, Ethics and Culture.

Year 13

Students will develop their knowledge further by investigating the Global Business world as well as all the financial information and calculations required to make effective business decisions.  


There are three exams, each 2 hours long. Paper 1 relates to theme 1 and 4, Paper 2 relates to theme 2 and 3 and Paper 3 is based on a pre-release research task and could be from any of the learning themes.

BTEC Business

Studying our BTEC Business course offers a practical introduction to business, and supports progression to further study or employment. Students will study a range of business related activities and learners will develop transferable knowledge and skills. The qualifications prepare learners for a range of higher education courses and apprenticeships.

Some of the key issues students will understand are:

  • Helping to develop a holistic understanding of business
  • Providing a real business focus on particular units of study such as Finance, Marketing and the building of teams
  • Developing transferable skills for progression to higher education
  • Supporting progression from KS4 study
  • use of non-quantitative and quantitative data in decision making

BTEC Business complements most other pathways however we would recommend that students will have a minimum of a ‘4’ in Maths and English to cope with the rigors of the course requirements.

Topics include:
Exploring Business
Developing a Marketing Campaign
Personal and Business Finance

At Key Stage 5 we offer three different BTEC qualifications. The Extended Certificate (1 A Level), Diploma (2 A Levels) and Extended Diploma (3 A Levels). All of these qualifications have an element of external (E) assessment as well as internal (I) coursework units.

Year 1

Extended Certificate


Extended Diploma

Unit 1- Business Environment (I)

Unit 2- Marketing Campaign (E)

The Extended Certificate Units plus;

Unit 4- Managing an Event (I)

Unit 8- Recruitment and Selection (I)

The Extended Certificate and Diploma units plus;

Unit 7- Business Decision Making (E)

Unit 19- Pitching for a New Business (I)

Unit 9- Team Building in Business (I)

Year 2

Extended Certificate


Extended Diploma

Unit 3- Personal & Business Finance (E)

Unit 27- Work Experience in Business (I)

The Extended Certificate Units plus;

Unit 6- Principles of Management (E)

Unit 5- International Business (I)

The Extended Certificate and Diploma units plus;

Unit 14- Investigating Customer Service (I)

Unit 13-Cost and Management Accounting (I)

Business is a qualification which can help you access many doors be that through a university degree or an apprenticeship. People who study business generally go into career such as; marketing, accountancy, banking and/or finance, human resources, promotion and if you are considering starting your own business in the future.