From September, all pupils are required to return to school. For many children, this will be the first time they have been back since the government lockdown in March.

Returning to school may be a worrying time for some pupils and their families and we are working closely with Public Health and our schools to ensure that reassurance and support is available and that the necessary safety measures are in place.

Here’s how you can help your child return to school safely:

  • Where possible consider walking, cycling or scooting to school
  • Arrive on time for drop off and pick up
  • Practice good hygiene habits with your child
  • Read the school’s joining instructions
  • Ensure your child understands any new school routines

Do not send your child to school if they have symptoms of coronavirus.

Face coverings in education

From 1 September new advice will apply to the use of face coverings by staff and pupils in schools and education institutions that teach people in years 7 and above in England.

Nationwide, the government is not recommending face coverings are necessary in education settings generally because a system of control, applicable to all education environments, provides additional mitigating measures. However, schools and colleges will have the discretion to require face coverings in communal areas where social distancing cannot be safely managed, if they believe that it is right in their particular circumstances.

Read the government advice here.