All students are expected to dress in full school uniform at all times on the premises and whilst travelling to and from school.

School uniform supplier is Stevensons (https://www.stevensons.co.uk/). Items that are only available from Stevensons are marked with a

Uniform Expectations

All Students must have:

  • Blazer.
  • Sky blue shirt.
  • School tie
  • Smart black trousers (Other retailers are acceptable providing they are of the same material and design).
  • Socks or tights (Black)
  • Smart substantial shoes (that fully enclose the feet.).

Students may choose to add:

  • V-neck jumper (for winter wear)
  • Students have the option to wear a black, pleated school kilt or black school trousers. Students will only be able to wear a kilt that is of the same design and material as that obtainable from our main supplier, Stevensons.
PE Uniform
  • Sports shirt.
  • Hoody.
  • Navy blue shorts.
  • Football socks/white socks (for summer).
  • Suitable trainers.
  • Football boots (required for boys, suggested for girls).

Students may choose to add:

  • Spare socks.
  • Tracksuit bottoms.

P.E. shirt change

Following parental feedback on the quality and durability of the P.E. T-shirt, we are moving to the style of P.E. sports shirts used in other Poole schools.  This also means a separate Rugby shirt is no longer needed.  As with all new items, these are being phased in and students can continue to wear existing kit until it needs to be replaced.

For Your Information

New uniform items. 

All new items are being phased in for Years 8-11 from September 2017.  Students can continue to wear existing uniform until it needs to be replaced.

What shoes are acceptable?

Black substantial shoes that protect feet fully – black plimsolls, canvas shoes or slip-ons are not acceptable and are not adequate footwear in inclement weather.  They are also insufficient protection in technology and science lessons.  Trainers are not permitted.

What trousers are acceptable?

Smart tailored black trousers – from Stevensons or any other retailer providing they are of the same material and design. No other design or material will be acceptable i.e. skinny trousers, jeggings, jeans etc.

What skirts are acceptable?

Kilts – kilts as sold by Stevensons, these must be black pleated material and not Lycra or stretched fabric and worn at knee length at all times.  They must be no higher than two inches above the knee when standing.  Please ensure there is enough room for growth during the year as they will be unacceptable once shorter than this. Pleated skirts with a dropped waistband are NOT permitted.

Earrings and Piercings

Studs or sleepers are the only ear-rings allowed, one in each ear lobe. No other piercings are allowed. If piercings are not removable, the student will be supervised for all breaks and lunches until such time as it can be removed. This applies to all piercings, visible or not. The final say on whether a piercing is acceptable lies with any senior member of staff.

What happens if I do not wear the correct uniform?

Any student who fails to attend in the appropriate uniform/shoes will be temporarily loaned both uniform and footwear. There are no exceptions to this.

Should we run out of uniform, we will request parents attend school to bring in the correct uniform.

Students are expected to wear their uniform with pride at all time on route to and at school. This includes:

  • Shirt tucked in
  • Top button fastened
  • Blazer sleeves unrolled
  • Skirt not rolled up
  • Minimal make-up
Our Supplier

The Poole High School Uniform can be purchased from Stevensons who have a website where you can purchase uniform online.

Uniform can also be purchased from their branch at:
148-150 Seabourne Rd
Email: bournemouthbranch@stevensons.co.uk
Phone: 01202 425192

Stevensons Introductory Letter

Order Uniform Here