Uniform Expections

All students are expected to dress in full school uniform at all times on the premises and whilst travelling to and from school.


All Students must have:

  • Blazer.
  • Sky blue shirt
  • School clip-on tie
  • Smart black trousers (Other retailers are acceptable providing they are of the same material and design).
  • Black ankle socks or tights (at least 30 denier)
  • Smart substantial shoes (that fully enclose the feet.). Please see additional guidance below.

For P.E. (January – Easter) students must have:

  • Sports shirt†.
  • Hoody†.
  • Navy blue shorts.
  • Navy blue football socks (white socks are only permitted in the summer).
  • Suitable trainers.
  • Football boots (required for boys, suggested for girls).
  • Spare bag for muddy clothes/footwear.

Students may choose to have:

  • Spare socks/trainers.
  • Plain navy or black tracksuit bottoms – large logos, stripes or writing down the leg are not permitted.
  • Plain navy or black sports leggings – navy blue shorts must be worn on top of these.
  • Plain navy, black or white long sleeve tops may be worn underneath the school polo shirt.

In extreme weather students may wear coats, hats, or gloves at the discretion of their teacher (based on appropriateness for activity). Scarves are not permitted due to safety.

Which shoes are acceptable?

Black substantial shoes that protect feet fully – black plimsolls, walking boots, canvas shoes or slip-ons are not acceptable and are not adequate footwear in inclement weather.  They are also insufficient protection in technology and science lessons.  Trainers are not permitted.

Which trousers are acceptable?

Smart tailored black trousers – from Stevensons or any other retailer providing they are of the same material and design. No other design or material will be acceptable i.e. skinny trousers, jeggings, jeans, chinos etc.

Which skirts are acceptable?

Kilts as sold by Stevensons, these must be black pleated material and not Lycra or stretched fabric and worn at knee length at all times.  They must be no higher than two inches above the knee when standing.  Please ensure there is enough room for growth during the year as they will be unacceptable once shorter than this. Pleated skirts with a dropped waistband are NOT permitted.

What if my child loses their clip-on tie, is the old style tie still acceptable?

The old style wrap around ties are NOT permitted.  Replacement clip-on ties may be purchased through our main supplier, Stevensons.  Alternatively, you may wish to purchase through the schools wisepay system or by cash from our main school reception.

What happens if I do not wear the correct uniform?

Any student who fails to attend in the appropriate uniform/shoes will be temporarily loaned both uniform and footwear. There are no exceptions to this. Should we run out of uniform, we will request parents attend school to bring in the correct uniform.

Students are expected to wear their uniform with pride at all time on route to and at school. This includes:


  • Shirt tucked in
  • Top button fastened
  • Clip-on tie attached to top button
  • Blazer sleeves unrolled
  • Skirt not rolled up
  • Blazers must be worn at all times except when given permission to remove them by a member of staff
  • Coats and jackets must be removed once you enter the school buildings – additional guidance below
  • Hijabs – if worn, must be plain black or blue with a school tie worn beneath.

Students should avoid wearing make-up to school. However, a small amount of discreet make-up is permitted. It should be sufficiently discreet so as not to be obviously noticeable. Heavy and highly visible make-up is not permitted. Any extremes of fashion including hairstyles, hair colours, false/acrylic/gel nails, false eyelashes and fake tan and nail varnish are not permitted in school. The final say on whether make up or a hairstyle is unacceptable lies with any senior member of staff.

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