Parent Evenings

Parent evenings are held on Thursdays from 4.00pm to 7.00pm in the main school dining room. A letter of invitation is sent out to parents and students three weeks before the date. Parents will be able to use the parent evening system to book appointments with your child’s teachers from about 2 weeks before the date of the evening.

Day Dates Evening is for
Thursday 12/09/2019 Open Evening (Intake 2020)
Monday 16/09/2019 Year 12 Art and Photography New Intake Evening
Thursday 24/10/2019 Sixth Form Open Evening (Intake 2020)
Thursday 21/11/2019 Sixth Form
Thursday 28/11/2019 Year 10
Thursday 16/01/2020 Year 11
Thursday 30/01/2020 Year 9
Thursday 13/02/2020 Year 9 Options
Thursday 12/03/2020 Year 8
Thursday 26/03/2020 Sixth Form
Thursday 26/03/2020 Year 11 (by invitation only)
Thursday 18/06/2020 Year 07
Monday 22/06/2020 Open Evening (Intake 2020)
Thursday 02/07/2020 Year 6 Parent Evening (New Intake)