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For students who have not managed to obtain a pass at GCSE Mathematics, we have two available paths to ensure all students leave our 6th form with a qualification in Mathematics.

For students who achieved a grade 3 in year 11, they will attend and work towards a resit in GCSE Mathematics.
For students with a grade less than 3, we will work towards a level 2 Functional skills Mathematics qualification. This qualification focusses on real-life problems, and the paper have a theme throughout them. The paper requires no algebra, but does still require problem solving and comprehension of problems.

Year 1
There will be dedicated lessons for all students doing our resit courses, to help prepare for the multiple exam windows. Once a pass is achieved, student can leave the resit course, and focus on their other qualifications in the 6th form.
Year 2
For those who do not manage to obtain a pass in year 1, we will keep working hard to get a result in year 2. Just as in year 1, as soon as a pass is obtained, student are no longer required to attend and can use the gained time to work on their other qualifications being studied in 6th form.

Assessment Method
For the GCSE there is a first opportunity to sit 3 GCSE papers in November. If this attempt does not result in a pass, then we will continue to work towards a pass for the summer exams in June.
For Functional skills, there are multiple assessment points throughout the year, and staff will work with students to decide when entry
Future Opportunities And Careers
Obtaining a level 2 qualification (GCSE or Functional skills) is very important to open doors to many future opportunities. These qualifications show employers that a student has problem solving skills, and are key to getting on to further courses.