Keeping Yourself Safe

School Information: Keeping yourself safe.

The world is not always as we would wish it to be. The information and links on this page are intended to help you keep yourself safe.

Don’t believe everything and don’t over share

  • It’s important not to share too much information online, especially personal stuff like photos, as you can’t always control what happens to it.
  • Never share information like your contact details or the name of your school with people you don’t know. You wouldn’t tell a random person at the bus stop where you live, so don’t do it online.
  • Not everything or everyone online can be trusted.
  • Question what people online want from you and why.
  • Remember: not everyone online is who they say they are.
  • Never meet up with strangers you’ve been talking to online – they might have been lying about who they are, and could be dangerous.

Kayleigh’s Love story is a true story of a young girl from the Midlands. It details the last couple of weeks of her life. She thought the boy she had met online was “the one”. Things didn’t work out happily.

Keep it private

  • Check the privacy settings on your social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook to make sure you know what kind of information you’re sharing about yourself.
  • Remember that your friends’ privacy settings can affect what information about you is made public from their accounts.
  • If you need some help with checking your privacy settings, visit
  • Keep your passwords private, and don’t make them easy to guess – make sure
  • people can’t get into your account and pretend to be you.