Senior Leadership Team

Mr P Gray


Mrs S Phillips

Deputy Headteacher and Deputy DSL

Mrs E Nash

Assistant Headteacher

Mr K Lean

Assistant Headteacher

Mr A Bousfield

Assistant Headteacher and DSL

Mrs V Stillman

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs K Dewsnap

Assistant Headteacher and Senior SENCo

Mrs S Eden-Ellis

Assistant Headteacher

Mr D Newman

Director of Finance and Operations


Mrs K Dewsnap

Assistant Headteacher and Senior SENCo

Ms H Liddle

Assistant Senco

Attendance Officers

Ms M Kelly

Attendance Officer (Year 7)

Ms M Kelly

Attendance Officer (Year 8)

Mrs A McMath

Attendance Officer (Year 9)

Mrs A McMath

Attendance Officer (Year 10)

Mrs H Warren

Attendance Officer (Year 11)

Progress Leaders

Mrs T Scott-Brown

Progress Leader for Years 7 and 8

Mrs F Bannister

Progress Leader for Years 9 and 10

Pastoral Staff (Key Stage 3)

Mr J Guetling

Head of Year 7

Mrs S Lambert

Pastoral Officer (Year 7)

Mrs V Henley

Head of Year 8

Mrs A Willis

Pastoral Officer (Year 8)

Ms K Hodder

Head of Year 9

Mrs E Hall

Pastoral Officer (Year 9)

Pastoral Staff (Key Stage 4)

Mrs F Scott

Head of Year 10

Mrs L Evans

Pastoral Officer (Year 10)

Mr R Woolner

Head of Year 11

Mrs T Efford

Pastoral Officer (Year 11)

Pastoral Staff (Sixth Form)

Mrs E Nash

Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form

Mr R Payne

Head of Year 12

Ms C Essery

Head of Year 13

Mrs R Cowan

Sixth Form Officer

Mrs H Amey

Assistant Sixth Form Officer


Mr W Clarke

Director of English

Mr N Miller

Director of Mathematics

Mr S Colley

Director of Science

Mrs B Ellicott

Director of Performing Arts

Mrs N Wilkins

Director of Health and Fitness

Ms E Wyatt

Director of Vocational Courses/Head of Business Studies

Mr P Mathlin

Head of Art

Mrs D Porter

Head of Careers

Mr S Hawes

Head of Computer Science

Mrs L Hart

Head of Design Technology

Ms J Wheadon

Head of Drama

Ms V Wilson

Head of EPQ

Mrs H Stinton

Head of Geography

Mr J Preece

Head of History

Mrs K Dolman

Head of Modern Languages

Mrs A Lloyd

Head of Music

Mr D Attrill

Head of Religious Studies

Mrs N Godden

Head of Psychology

Ms L Ryall

Head of Politics

Ms E Weir

Head of Sociology


Mr J Hart

Chair of Governors