Contact Details

You can contact the school in a variety of ways. You may use the contact form below. You can contact our staff members directly via email.

If your enquiry is urgent we recommend that you telephone the school to ensure the quickest response. Mrs Milner, Mrs Cowan,  Mrs Keefe or Mrs Thompson will be pleased to take your call.

If you need help with a safeguarding matter please email the safeguarding team with general queries (, but if your issue is urgent, please telephone the school on 01202 666988

Alternatively you can use our contact form to send a message to the relevant department. If you aren't sure who to choose, use General Enquires and our reception team will ensure it is forwarded on to the most appropriate person. If you choose the relevant destination your message will go directly to staff best able to help with your query. Please note though that these accounts are not monitored 24 hours a day, so please allow sufficient time for your query to be dealt with.

If you are visiting the school and using a sat nav you will be directed to Sterte Road. The school entrance is actually located on Wimborne Road next to the Police Headquarters. Use the postcode BH15 2BP (for the Police Station next door) and follow the signs.

Thank you.

Staff Teams

Senior Leadership Team

Mr P Gray


Mrs S Phillips

Deputy Headteacher and Deputy DSL

Mrs E Nash

Assistant Headteacher

Mr K Lean

Assistant Headteacher

Mr A Bousfield

Assistant Headteacher and DSL

Mrs V Stillman

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs K Dewsnap

Assistant Headteacher and Senior SENCo

Mrs S Eden-Ellis

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs M Helliwell

Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form

Mrs C Porter

Assistant Headteacher


Mrs K Dewsnap

Assistant Headteacher and Senior SENCo

Ms H Liddle

Assistant Senco

Attendance Officers

Ms M Kelly

Attendance Officer (Year 7)

Ms M Kelly

Attendance Officer (Year 8)

Mrs A McMath

Attendance Officer (Year 9)

Mrs A McMath

Attendance Officer (Year 10)

Mrs H Warren

Attendance Officer (Year 11)

Mrs P Smith

Attendance and Support Officer

Progress Leaders

Mrs T Scott-Brown

Progress Leader for Years 7 and 8

Mrs F Bannister

Progress Leader for Years 9 and 10

Pastoral Staff (Key Stage 3)

Mr J Guetling

Head of Year 7

Mrs S Lambert

Pastoral Officer (Year 7)

Mrs V Henley

Head of Year 8

Mrs A Willis

Pastoral Officer (Year 8)

Ms K Hodder

Head of Year 9

Mrs E Hall

Pastoral Officer (Year 9)

Pastoral Staff (Key Stage 4)

Mrs F Scott

Head of Year 10

Mrs L Evans

Pastoral Officer (Year 10)

Mr R Woolner

Head of Year 11

Mrs T Efford

Pastoral Officer (Year 11)

Pastoral Staff (Sixth Form)

Mrs M Helliwell

Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form

Mrs J Buller

Assistant Head of Sixth Form and Pedagogy Lead

Mr R Payne

Sixth Form Progress Leader

Ms J Arnaouti

Sixth Form Pastoral Leader

Mrs P Smith

Sixth Form Support Officer

Mrs J Harrison

Sixth Form Support Assistant


Mr W Clarke

Director of English

Mr N Miller

Director of Mathematics

Mr S Colley

Director of Science

Mrs B Ellicott

Director of Performing Arts

Mrs N Wilkins

Director of Health and Fitness

Ms E Wyatt

Director of Vocational Courses/Head of Business Studies

Mr P Mathlin

Head of Art

Mrs D Porter

Head of Careers

Mr S Hawes

Head of Computer Science

Mrs L Hart

Head of Design Technology

Ms J Wheadon

Head of Drama

Ms V Wilson

Head of EPQ

Mrs H Stinton

Head of Geography

Ms L Ryall

Head of History

Mrs K Dolman

Head of Modern Languages

Mrs A Lloyd

Head of Music

Mr J Preece

Head of PSHE

Mr D Attrill

Head of Religious Studies

Mrs N Godden

Head of Psychology

Ms E Weir

Head of Sociology


Mr J Hart

Chair of Governors