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Results 2018

GCSE results 2018
GCSE Results continue to be strong with the following headline figures:
Performance 8 Score: +0.20 (Above Average)
Attainment 8 Score: 45.1
Percentage of students achieving English and Mathematics at level 5 and above: 41%
Percentage of students entered for the EBACC: 40%
EBACC Average Points Score: 4.05

Results 2017

GCSE results 2017
We are celebrating our students achieving the school’s highest ever GCSE results against a background of more challenging GCSE examinations.
Students achieving Grade 4+ in English and maths GCSE 71%
Students achieving Grade 4+ in English 80%
Students achieving Grade 4+ in maths 78%

A Level results 2017
Congratulations to all students as they continue onto their next steps. We are so proud that all of our students are continuing from us to an apprenticeship, university or to start their career. Over 85% of students have left us to accept a place at university.
Our large sixth form allows students a wide range of A level subjects all recognised by Universities and employers. Our students have again achieved record results this summer, congratulations to them all.

A Level results
A Level all subjects A*-A 24%
A Level all subjects A*-B 50%
A Level English A*-B 100%
A Level maths A*-B 90%