Additional Educational Needs

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Additional Educational Needs

Poole High School firmly believes that each student should be given equal opportunity to achieve their full potential by recognising the uniqueness of each individual and providing a rich and varied learning experience for all. Each student, regardless of their ability, is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant to their educational needs. Our curriculum gives all students a sense of achievement and thereby helps them develop their confidence and self-esteem and as a result reach their academic potential.

Within the grounds of the school Poole High School offers a support unit which specialises in enabling students to engage with the full curriculum in a highly specialised manner. The Hub offers curriculum support whilst also engaging with
• Additional one to one support session in core subjects
• Emotional literacy
• Additional organisational support sessions
• Mental Health First Aid sessions
• Guided socialisation
• Animal therapy sessions
• Art Therapy
• Extra curricular self esteem support through gardening and cooking sessions
• Homework support
• Bespoke support packages for all years

Poole High School has a variety of specialist support assistants that support students both within the classroom and externally. They are externally trained through our outreach providers such as Longspee and Monatcute with additional training through the Educational Psychologist provision offered by the borough.

The learning support team prides itself on actively promoting and developing the learning of all our students on the Additional Educational Needs register through a varied and flexible targeted intervention which is reviewed continuously.
As a school we are supported through two qualified SENCO’s, Kerry Dewsnap (Senior SENCO and Davina Hitchens Foundation SENCO, and a team of 19 Learning Support Assistants. Deployment of Learning Support Assistants are organised by the Senior SENCO to best meet the needs of all of our students and focus upon:
1. Core LSAs that are concentrate on English, Maths and Science
2. Educational Health Care Learning Support Assistants that specialise in specialist need types such as Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Physical Needs
3. Year Lead Learning Support Assistants
4. Pupil Premium support assistants
In addition to this the Hub is continuously supported through a Key Stage 3 coordinator and the Key Stage 4 Hub is supported through the Lead LSA.

The Learning Support team accredits its achievements through its flexibility and expertise of working alongside both students, parents and external professionals in best supporting students with Additional Educational Needs. With this, there is continuous liaison with all stake holders to ensure a high quality provision for all. We endeavour for there to be an open door policy to the support we offer where students, parents and staff are made to feel comfortable whenever our support or expertise is required.

If you are considering applying for place, or indeed wish to discuss your personal circumstance in a confidential manner, then please do not hesitate in contacting our team at Here you will be able to speak to either SENCO, discuss the provisions we can offer or arrange a tour.